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Laboratory of Optospintronics


The laboratory performs basic optical characterization (absorption, reflection and photoluminescence spectroscopy), magneto-optical characterization (MCD, MCB, MLD and MLB spectra), time-resolved ultrafast laser spectroscopy (pump and probe method) and characterization by time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr effect (TR-MOKE).


  • Femtosecond titan-sapphire laser with spectral range 690 – 1040 nm

  • Optical parametric oscillator tunable from 350 nm to 2.2 µm

  • CW titan-sapphire laser tunable in the range of 700-1000 nm

  • Helium cryostat for temperature range of 10 ‑ 800 K

  • Electromagnet for magnetic field up to 1.5 T

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