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System of multimode STM/AFM microscopy (multiSPM)

The laboratory includes a set of four scanning probe microscopes (SPM) and one scanning electron microscope (SEM). The scanning probe microscopes can be combined with other techniques (Raman micro spectroscopy, photoluminescence and electrochemistry) and offer a correlation of morphology and different local physical properties (composition, mechanical properties, electronic properties, photoluminescence, etc.).

The set of four scanning probe microscopes offers microscopic measurement of topography in standard modes (contact, intermittent and non-contact mode), measurement of local work function/surface charge (Kelvin probe force microscopy; KPFM), conductivity (conductivity AFM; C-AFM), local mechanical properties (adhesion, stiffness). Morphology measurement during electrochemical processes and connection with inverted fluorescence microscope are optional.

Raman Microscopy (442 nm) and photoluminescence can be correlated with basic AFM topographic characterization, Kelvin probe and conductive AFM.

The Tescan Maia SEM offers imaging in secondary and backscattered electrons.


  • Bruker Icon

  • Veeco Dimension 3100

  • Raman microspectroscopy combined with AFM NT-MDT Spectra

  • NT-MDT Ntegra Prima with electrochemical option

  • Scanning electron microscope Tescan Maia equipped with nanomanipulators

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