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Cooperation in doctoral studies with the Technical University of Liberec

LNSM is the basis of cooperation with the Technical University of Liberec in full-time doctoral study of Ing. Kristina Ganzerová. The thesis is a part of the study program: P2301 Mechanical Engineering, Specialization: 911V011 Materials Engineering.

The topic of the doctoral thesis is the study of optical properties of thin-film silicon solar cells. Raman spectroscopy is a widely used non-contact measuring method designed especially for structural characterization of studied compounds. In the case of thin silicon layers used in photovoltaics, it is applied by default to determine the fraction of the crystalline / amorphous phase in the layer and the internal stress. The work will be a follow-up to the diploma thesis. This describes a phenomenological effect that makes it possible to relatively determine the ability of a thin silicon layer to capture and absorb light from the near infrared region of the spectrum. The dissertation will be focused on practical use of this phenomenon. On the one hand, it is necessary to introduce a well-defined normal for measuring the intensity of Raman scattering and to determine the scattering properties of the coarse front contact without the need to deposit a thin silicon layer. It is also necessary to compare data measured by Raman effect and independent techniques - quantum efficiency, short-time current.

Program sponsor: doc. Ing. Iva Petrikova, Ph.D

Supervisor: prof. Petr Louda, CSc.

Consultant: RNDr. Martin Ledinský, Ph.D., FZU AS CR v.v.i.

Start and finish of study: 1.10.2013 - 30.6.2017

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